I’m back again this week with best blog posts and articles on seo, smo, link building etc. from around the internet. Let me know if I missed any brilliant article which came out last week and I’ll surely include it.

link love august 25, 2012

Let’s start the article with the 2012 SEO Industry Survey. I’m really delighted to see India rank #3.

Learnings from My Pinterest Experiment – Darren Rowse shares his Pintrest experiments.

AJ Kohn discusses why readability is important for seo in his blog post READABILITY AND SEO.

Why Did Google Destroy Keyword Call Tracking? – Carlton at SEJ asks why Google destroyed keywords call tracking. A very good tool which marketers used to track the customers.

Search Queries Alerts in Webmaster Tools – Google is testing search query alerts which helps a webmaster to know when a sudden spike or drop occur on their pages.

Getting Started With Semantic SEO – When search engines begin making fundamental platform changes, a somewhat consistent causal chain ensues: