Link Love July 14, 2012

Things to read this week.

1. How to Optimize Your Mobile Website for Search – Making your company website more SEO-friendly requires strategic effort. At the current rate of on-the-go users, it’s important not to neglect the mobile version of your site.

2. Guide to Real Estate SEO – Real estate can be a complicated industry to market online. Having worked as the Marketing Coordinator for a real estate team (where I was also a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and Realtor), I understand the idiosyncrasies of the field as well as the payoffs.

3. 10 Ways Coding Can Help Your SEO – Too many webmasters think of SEO in terms of things you do after a website is created, whether that’s optimizing specific on-page variables in order to maximize the odds of being ranked for particular keywords or the process of soliciting backlinks from qualified sources to power off-page SEO.

4. No SEO Ever Went Wrong By… – The world of SEO seems to be ever-changing, and the pace of that change is ever-accelerating. It’s both the blessing and the curse of this industry. Today there are evermore options and issues to contend with to fully optimize websites and online properties.

5. Google+ Local: What You Need to Know Now, The Top Blogs & Where to Get Help – Google+ Local is the former Google Places page with a new look and feel. Currently, it has the same functionality as before except that you can no longer upload videos or share an update.

6. New Crawl Error alerts from Webmaster Tools – Since Googlebot regularly visits your site, we know when your site exhibits connectivity issues or suddenly spikes in pages returning HTTP error response codes (e.g. 404 File Not Found, 403 Forbidden, 503 Service Unavailable, etc).

7. The Importance of Determining SERP Competition – SEO has long been a process in which instant financial gratification has been hard to come by (especially on a brand new project). I believe the “patience” trait required by the nature of SEO is what causes many projects to fail due to a couple of different things.

8. Demand for SEO Professionals Has Never Been Greater – Close followers of the online marketing world know the trends in the last 12-18 months show the space is hot. Recent research by Shareaholic shows organic search drives nearly half of all traffic, 5x more than social networks combined and leads other channels in conversion percentages.

9. Matt Cutts and Eric Talk About What Makes a Quality Site – Matt Cutts joined Google as a Software Engineer in January 2000. Before Google, he was working on his Ph.D. in computer graphics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has an M.S. from UNC-Chapel Hill, and B.S. degrees in both mathematics and computer science from the University of Kentucky.

10. How do your Expensive PPC Keyword Perform in SEO? – One of the biggest issues I keep encountering as I demo our Keyword Management Tool is the aversion by many PPC managers to Co-Optimization. Yesterday I posted this new post on “Realizing Paid and Organic Search Strategies” and suggested that there are specific cost reductions that can be had when you can transfer expensive PPC clicks into your organic pages rather than paying for them in via PPC.

Previous articles from our own blog

1. Negative SEO: What is it, How it’s Done and How you Can Prevent It – Ever since Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, SEOs and webmasters have been carefully watching the new changes with confusion and as well as with fear.

2. Penguin Update Spearheads the Spam Raid for Google – The brand new Penguin Update comprises the search engine mammoth’s latest set of algorithms implied to check spam, cloaks and likewise fraudulence on the web, that have been menaces when it comes to safe and quality web browsing.

3. Google Panda – The Complete Update List and How to Avoid Overuse of SEO – Google’s search algorithm is something that is changing constantly. New updates and changes to their algorithm help them provide better search results to users while keeping spam and poor quality content lower on the rankings.

4. You Think You Don’t Need An SEO Consultant? Think Again! – It won’t be a misnomer to say that the almost any business these days needs an online presence. With increasing internet usage around the world, online marketing is the buzzword that ensures success, whatever may be the business.

5. Link Building Strategies Built to Last – Are Your Link Building Strategies Built to Last? Just because something’s popular now doesn’t mean it’s going to survive the long haul.

6. VIsion based Page Segmentation (VIPS) and SEO – A new web content structure analysis based on visual representation is proposed in this paper.

7. Google PageRank is NOT Important for Search Engine Rankings! – Every now and then I keep coming across posts asking How to Increase Google PageRank and if it is important for search engine rankings?

8. Top SEO and Social Networking Sites That Everyone Ought To Visit – I was getting too many queries asking what to do in SEO, so I thought that I’m going to write an article about it.

9. Top 6 Tips When Opting For Blog Reviews – Blog reviews have become a good source of advertising and to obtain contextual links. Just getting reviews done by spammy blog networks is not good enough to improve your rankings.

10. Top 15 Interviews of Link Building Gurus – Link building is one of the most important aspect in SEO. If you want to take your campaign to the next level then you must take this seriously.

11. Top 10 Webmaster Forums – What is a webmaster forum? A place where an internet geek spends whole his day!

12. Optimize Blogger Title Tag – Blogger provides free blog service they are good, but the one thing most of the people forget is to optimize it for search engines.

13. Addon Domains – Solving duplicate content issue using .htaccess – Addon domains are one of the best features that is provided to you by your web hosting provider. Your single web hosting account is capable of hosting multiple domains for you.

14. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Small Business – There has been much talk about Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) these days. So what SEO really is and for whom it is? Let’s see

15. Top 11 Link Baiting Guides That Everybody Ought To Read – building is undoubtedly the single most important factor in SEO, that could enhance your website rankings organically. Well everyone knows that, what is more important is that how to get those links that would help you to achieve top rankings.