In today’s world, it can be hard to think of the words “SEO” and “respect” even being in the same sentence! After all, the SEO industry has been flooded with wannabes who will tell you just about anything to get you to sign on a contract that guarantees they’ll get paid every month.

But then, there’s Aaron Wall. This guy isn’t a “guru”. He’s not a wannabe. He’s not money-hungry. Instead, he’s my pick for SEO Superhero!

Aaron landed on the scene over a decade ago when he released an expert SEO ebook that was appropriately-titled “SEO Book“. In it were more than 200 pages of top-notch information, advice, and step-by-step instructions. Aaron’s book made more than a million dollars, and it led to him being considered one of the biggest names in the industry. Once the book took off, Aaron was featured in prestigious publications like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TIME Magazine, and Forbes Magazine, just to name a few. He was even featured on MSNBC.

But I’m not a fan of Aaron’s because of all this attention and success. Instead, I’m a fan of what Aaron did once his book made it big…

…That’s because, instead of resting on his laurels, he totally changed things up!

He decided to replace the book with SEObook.com – a membership site that features videos, monthly newsletters, personal coaching, and a community forum. The website was created to be a true helping hand for people who don’t want to rely on an expensive SEO firm or hire full-time employees to take care of their SEO duties.

On the site, Aaron shares the techniques behind his success, from start to finish. He can help you pick the right keywords, design the most SEO-friendly site, write the perfect optimized content, and build the best links. (Luckily, his blog is free to read, and it’s a treasure trove of information – proof that he’s willing to do whatever he can to help, even if it doesn’t translate into padding for his pockets.)

Part of the reason why I look up to Aaron is because he genuinely cares about SEO’s reputation. Instead of being a “me, me, me” kind of guy who just wants to build up his membership list, he works hard to make sure that the industry is one we can all be proud of. In fact, he has worked tirelessly to prove SEO isn’t dead – even though it seems to be greeted by a gaggle of doomsdayers anytime Google changes its algorithm! Instead of seeing him squawk like “Chicken Little”, he works hard to combat all of the “Chicken Littles” out there who think the SEO sky is falling…

Talk about a never-ending job!

Of course, Aaron is also an SEO superhero because of his vast knowledge. You’ll never catch him spewing out the same ol’ advice that other SEO professionals dispense. Instead, he provides insight that no one else offers. In fact, he won’t even pass on a new tool or technique before he personally tests it! (And speaking of tools, SEObook.com members get access to a ton of them. They’re all easy to use, and perfect for checking out everything on your site.

That way, there’s no chance of you doing anything to upset the search engines!)

The community forum on SEObook.com is an example of just how knowledgeable he is. Sure, you can get answers to newbie questions here, but the forum is catered to more advanced topics. There are tons of engaging conversation and lots of insight. It’s a far cry from the gibberish you find on other SEO-related forums!

Yes, Aaron Wall is incredibly knowledgeable. However, he’s my pick for SEO superhero for another reason – he’s a straight-shooter.

Aaron gives you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He won’t promise that you’ll get rich quickly. He won’t make you pie-in-the-sky promises. COULD you become a millionaire with his help? Sure, but he’s not going to tell you that just to get you to sign up for his membership site! Instead, he’s going to give you all the facts you need, without any hype sprinkled in.

In fact, Aaron says that some of his members have actually offered to pay MORE each month (beyond the $150 subscription fee), just because they’re so appreciative of all the no-holds-barred information he gives them. When’s the last time you ever heard of that?!

In keeping with his straight-shooter personality, Aaron doesn’t let people mar the SEO industry’s reputation. He even calls out the so-called “gurus” on his blog for not practicing what they preach. He openly criticizes the lies that he catches some SEO’s telling. He admits to posting comments on their blogs, questioning them about the REAL story behind their “advice”.

Think of him like a comic book superhero who spends his time going after the bad guy, fighting for good over evil!
And in true superhero fashion, the only people who DON’T like Aaron are the ones HE doesn’t like – like the SEO “professionals” who are only out for a quick buck. (After all, they’re not thrilled when their game gets exposed for what it really is!) However, if you talk to legitimate SEO experts, marketers, and business owners, you’ll discover that virtually everyone on the web loves Aaron Wall!

Part of the reason he’s so beloved is that his biggest piece of advice is so simple – think of ways to give away great value, and keep giving it away. It’s a great business plan, and it’s exactly what this SEO superhero does every single day!