local seo

While accuracy with regards to information is critical for every business that is playing the SEO game, for those with a number of locations the added challenge comes with mastering scale. Businesses with multiple locations face a set of unique challenges with regards to effective management, distribution and optimization of their local business listing information.

The key is to focus all your efforts correctly and scaling them to achieve optimized ROI.

Begin with the Core Search Engines

Google, Yahoo! and Bing are not only free services, but they also account for about 94.2% of all search traffic. A big mistake a large number of businesses make is choosing to focus only on Google and severely neglecting the value of Yahoo! and Bing. Doing so is missing a valuable opportunity to rank higher through better optimization.
Another critical mistake many business make involve the existence of outdated or incorrect information being served to online users. This results in unfavorable customer experiences such as wasted visits due to inaccurate store hours or contact information.

For your local marketing needs, try to employ a single CMS that acts as your single point of contact. This system will help you correct and optimize all your listings on all critical platforms. To be able to incorporate a touch of scalability, you need to be able to optimize your taglines, images, descriptions and categories.

Focusing on Data Aggregators that are Low Cost

Once you are all set with your information on Google, Yahoo! and Bing it is time to shift focus to your lowest costing data aggregators. Most major search engines compare and validate listing information with the help of aggregators that are also often used to power mobile applications, maps and GPS devices. With more and more devices focusing on providing accurate local business content it is not a farfetched thought that aggregators will now begin to power the Internet of Things. These tools are typically an affordable solution that helps your bran build significant number of valuable backlinks for all your local landing pages. This way, you as a brand are able to provide enhanced user experiences, improve your local presence and also achieve higher rankings on a number of local organic search results.

However, it is critical that you are able to optimize your low-cost data aggregators in the right way. To be able to do so, you need to incorporate and cross-check as much of the following information as possible –

  • Your business name
  • Addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Information regarding the neighborhood
  • URL of the landing page
  • Areas and Cities Served
  • Storefront and brand logo images
  • A detailed business description with services offered in different cities
  • Categories that is relevant to your services
  • Working Hours
  • Holiday Hours
  • Taglines and Brands you carry
  • Events you are hosting
  • Links to your Social pages
  • URLs for Local maps
  • URLs to the Review Site

The description, categories and brands you carry sections offer significant opportunity to include relevant keywords.

Other Quick Tips to Local Data Syndication

  • Automation is the key. Not only is it extremely time saving but it also helps achieve great levels of accuracy and subsequently higher rankings and enhanced user experience.
  • By starting with the essential key listings, working your way through the key information categories that get them right. On a routine basis, make it a point to optimize, measure and improve. It is important to weed out inaccuracies from the niche directories and also work on the three major search engines to win big!
  • Leverage all the different kinds of information that you are able to share across various solutions. Think beyond just your name, address and phone number. Find ways to connect your audience with your social pages and provide them with additional information that helps enhance user experience.

Instead of getting lost in spreadsheets invest in a smarter and most effective listing syndication strategy that is time saving and facilitates higher reach.