If you were like me thinking that you could use H1 only once in your HTML code or the web page your concept of H1s will change today!

I was doing competitor research and found that TA (tripadvisor.in) was using two H1s in their HTML code. That looked a bit odd to me as I had the concept of using H1 only once and seeing that TA was using it multiple times made me mad. So, I thought to ask the Google’s team, John Mueller & Gary Illyes on twitter. BTW, they’ve been super busy giving answers to all your SEO questions. They’ve also been busy in doing various rounds of Google Hangouts for webmasters to solve their doubts about SEO. You can find everything here.

So, coming back to the H1 question, I asked John & Gary, if it’s recommended to use two H1s?

John gave a reply which blew my mind!

Even Gary came in and said you can even use three H1s.

These are the kind of replies which are watershed in the industry, I’d guess about 99% of people I know would recommend using H1 only once on your webpage. But now based on these replies, I’m definitely going to try to use at least two H1s to see if that helps or not.

Upon more investigation I found that one can use multiple H1s if they’re using HTML5 as it allows you to have a heading for each section. But if you’re on HTML4 or XHTML you should only use one H1 per page. You can check Ben Morel’s reply here for more insights.

If you’ve any experience of using two H1, or even three H1s, do let us know in the comment section!