Guest blogging is a great way to promote yourself to the world and that too for free. It also helps in building your brand which is very important in the present context when there are so many places to find the piece of advice which you might have. So you should guest blog on relevant sites to get more traffic, build your brand and for contextual links.

There are certain rules for guest blogging which you need to keep in mind before you think of submitting it.

1. Only original content: This means that your content should be new. I can allow an article which talks about an old topic but has a new dimension to it which would make it useful for the readers. Also, you should keep in mind that it shouldn’t be available on other blogs and once published on this blog it should not be published anywhere else.

2. Your advice: I can accept your advice but it should be backed with relevant data, fact and figures. Although it makes an interesting read when you quote someone influential in the industry to back your point of view.

3. List type articles: Although there are places who don’t like list type articles but I can allow list type articles as well. The only thing you should keep in mind that the list should be of at least 20 things, the more the merrier. For an example “101 SEO Advices for 2012” would be a good article to read.

4. How-to guides: I would love to get these kind of articles as it shows people step-by-step how to do things. These are also the kind of articles which you should try to write more often as this will help you in giving a authority status in that particular field.

5. Comments It is also a good idea to return often to your guest posts to answer the comments and/or questions people ask. This enables you to gain trust of the individuals.

6. Don’t spam: And lastly please don’t spam.

To register on the site please use this link

Upon registering you’ll be given a Contributor status. In this status your articles will be kept in the blog database for me to review. I’ll then review it for plagiarism, and spun content of some original article. If the article follows the above guidelines it will be published immediately.

The writers who would write for us on a regular basis will be given a permanent Author status. They will also be mentioned in the about page with their bio and a link to their blog or site.

Links in the post: You’ll be required to include one link of previous blog posts from this blog in your article. In addition, you can link to your own blog post once within the article. It is also a good habit to include links to other good quality blog posts of the topic you’re writing.

If you face any problem or have any question feel free to contact me at or use the other options available here.